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Bitcoin Forum September 03, Please dual майнинг ethereum pascal 2012 майнинл register. Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: Full Member Offline Activity: My RX Benchmarking and Results: April 22, I first tried to find the highest error free memory clock for each memory strap and chose one that performs the best. I then proceeded to reduce voltages as much as possible. The trials and results can be found here: If power isnt an issue, the stock clock at 1.

Hero Member Offline Posts: RX Benchmarking and Results: Hero Member Offline Activity: Apneal on Читать далее 22, ICO STARTS 8TH AUGUST. Please support sidehack with his new miner project Send to: Marvell1 on April 22, Jamievs on April 22, All topics only mention ETH mining.

Truthchanter on April 22, April 23, In am http://miningbitterbush.ru/mayning-kriptovalyut-2017-ira-590-7/mayning-kriptovalyut-doma-shale-1932.php of win 10 and would like to try 7 if possible. Does anybody know if all dual майнинг ethereum pascal 2012 Win 7 pro codes that UK people are selling on ebay are any good and can be activated reliably? Za1n on April 23, My raw power usage data is: System idle draw 50 watts: I also tried Claymore 9.

I got an interesting result testing. Apneal can you post a link to the Uber-mix v2. Transparent and stable investment asset Futuros — crypto mining,trading and lendingmore info here — ;ascal Apneal on April 23, FutureBit Moonlander USB Scrypt Stick Miner: Hero Member Online Activity: I would go for whatever is the cheapest deal personally. The s and s are priced about the same as the s and s, at least in the USA. Pennywis3 on April 23, This is a power beast!

Dial makes me want to buy some to play with. Any idea about the other dual mining options?

Dual майнинг ethereum pascal 2012

I would be particularly interested in SIA and LBRY. SunStruck on April 24, I nabbed a few of those and they are all samsung memory. Faxmate on April 24, Creating a World Connected to Cryptocurrency.

Pennywis3 on April 24, The rest of the measurements are using software that DOES NOT measure the power usage of the card, only the actual GPU die. Apneal Укрощение где заработать bitcoin miner za цифры April 24, http://miningbitterbush.ru/mayning-kriptovalyut-2017-ira-590-7/vse-kriptovalyuti-spisok-2017-mr-1822.php, Truthchanter on April dual майнинг ethereum pascal 2012, This only has the PCI-E connections, you would still need a PSU, that can power the risers aswell.

Apneal on April 25, If you dont want to use splitters I suppose, but I fail to see the point considering ethereuk need a normal PSU anyways. I did some more power testing. What drivers are you guys using for the with the mod ROM? Any issues with RELIVE due 2012 MOD dual майнинг ethereum pascal 2012 This may be old news but did you guys know there are two versions of polaris 20, XTX and XTR?

Dinmaster on April 26, April 26, Truthchanter on April 26, I wonder if gpuz shows which chip you have. Anyone got ;ascal list of which 5xx cards use samsung memory?

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April 27, How much reduces timelife of GPU when you biosmod it? How the hell can you guys mine that high with such a low power consumption?! I guess it could dual майнинг ethereum pascal 2012 very usefull and I could pay for it Starsky on April 28, Flickspeed on April dal, Truthchanter on April 30, Can you post the custom dual майнинг ethereum pascal 2012 string? These of course are the same chips as before some optimum strings have already been found, but I like this one due to only needing MHz Very nice target to get Teress on May 01, Truthchanter on May 01, I knew exactly how to use this tool immediately after he posted a link, because just by looking at the main page it basically майнниг how to use it.

You may want to go read the Polaris Bios Editor thread and get an idea of what straps are and memory timings and what this is trying to do. Apneal on May 01, Teress on May 02, Anyone have an idea why the micron card refuses this strap mod? Currently I am running a mix of and for last 8 pairs.

The strap mod worked pretty good for Samsung. I think I prefer it over the ubermix. Flickspeed on May 02, Apneal on May 02, I got my powercolor Red Devils https: Would anyone be interested in tuning my cards. I have RX with samsung memory but what I do it seems like my hashrate only goes down. This is my ehereum in stock; I copied the straps from to So far so good and майнингг hashrate remains pretty much unchanged.

When I change the core clock to whatever value my hashrate only goes down. What the heck do I do wrong?

Dual майнинг ethereum pascal 2012

Can anyone help me? Jamievs on May 04, Dowper on May 04, All I have done so far is copy the 1: My numbers go to pot, dual майнинг ethereum pascal 2012 ETH mining speed drops significantly to around 28MH even when the DCR speeds are much lower than yours around Could either of you share your claymore command lines to see if I am doing anything obviously wrong. Also that doreymills site that was linked earlier, my original 1: How in the hell ethedeum you get claymore commands to work. It crashes my rig. One of my rigs dusl got it to work. Like bad crashes too.